Individual Tax Returns

As well as helping out our business clients we also assist thousands of individuals with the preparation of their personal income tax returns. We help our individual clients to legally minimise their income tax liability.

Our individual clients now include just about any occupation or profession you can think of. Not only do we prepare and lodge individual income tax returns but we can also help you with your investment property returns, PAYG Withholding variations and depreciation reports for rental properies.

For your convenience we offer you a number of ways to complete your personal income tax return including:

Office Meeting

This is our favourite option because we enjoy meeting with our clients and it often leads to discussions about tax planning opportunities. Part of the office appointment includes asset protection, personal insurance evaluation and refinancing opportunities which is really best suited to a face to face meeting. Call or email us today and schedule your personal appointment with one of our Accountants. If you’re not sure what to bring on the day, download our Individual Income Tax Return Checklist & Questionnaire. In most cases, your return is complete before you leave the office and we electronically lodge that day, so you get your refund as soon as possible (usually within 12 days).


If you prefer to do the whole thing electronically we can accommodate you by email or phone. Simply visit the EasyPack tab on our website, fill in the appropriate fields and submit. Alternatively you can contact us via phone/email/fax and we can email/fax/post out the EasyPack forms for you to fill in and send back. We will contact you via your preferred method of contact with any questions and the outcome. We can then deliver your completed tax return as a PDF.


Has it been a LONG time between drinks? Can you even remember the last time you lodged a tax return? Is the ATO hassling you? We are here to help you! With our ‘Late Lodger’ package we can completely take over the stress of your overdue income tax returns. This ‘Late Lodger’ package includes the following services:

  • Preparation & lodgement of Income Tax Return
  • Organisation of payment arrangements for ATO debt
  • Application for remittance of ATO fines/penalties
  • Collation of wages, interest, dividend and Centrelink information available via the ATO

Please contact our office today to book an appointment or organise your overdue returns via email!
Abacus Taxation Easy Pack