Business Advisory Services

As a business owner you need more than an everyday Accountant. That’s where Abacus comes in. Our aim is to guide you towards a better, more profitable business by giving you access to the knowledge and tools you need to achieve this. Your business success is extremely important to us. When you prosper, so do we!

We have a wide range of clients in many different industries. We can offer you reasonably priced, quality services that will act as assets to your business and our personal approach will leave you feeling comfortable, confident and supported.

We offer two types of pricing structures for your business. Refer to our ‘Business Advisory Services Packages’ for a comprehensive business package which is designed specifically for each individual business client. These packages take care of as little or as much of the Accounting, compliance and lodgement obligations that you would like. Our business packages are charged monthly at a pre-quoted amount. The majority of our business clients have taken up this option as it’s cash flow friendly.

The other option is that the services you require Abacus to do are charged at a competitive hourly rate. This option suits business clients who are wanting their Accountant to do the minimum amount of compliance work and lodgement.


Business Clients Advisor Annual Packages


Bronze Silver (Most Popular) Gold
Monthly phone interview YES
Calculation of fringe benefits liability YES YES YES
Annual Financial Statements YES YES YES
Tax Planning & Interim accounts YES YES YES
Quarterly BAS preparation and lodgement YES YES YES
Income tax preparation entity and individual returns entity and individual returns entity and individual returns
Annual ASIC fees and corporate secretarial upkeep YES YES YES
Cash flow & budget analysis YES YES
Annual payment summaries for employees and summary to the ATO YES YES YES
Unlimited phone and email support YES YES YES
Annual taxable payment summaries YES YES YES
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