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Six Weapons for Success from your Accountant


We all tell ourselves; ‘I’m an entrepreneur. I’m innovative, efficient, knowledgeable, tech savvy... what can an Accountant do for me that I can’t do myself …and for a fraction of the price?’ We’ve all been there right?

Many small business owners start out cutting corners by doing their own tax returns, in addition to doing just about everything e


Four Jolly Tax Saving Tips for your Festive Season


As you would probably know from being caught out before, the dreaded FBT has a one way attraction with gifts, entertainment and other benefits. For a Small Business employer, there is an effective 40% added cost to provide a tax deductible benefit that is subject to FBT compared to a non-deductible benefit that is exempt from FBT.

Thankfully though, Santa’s elves have left some sneak


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